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Arrive ~ Allow ~ Align ~ Awaken

The practice of staying curious.

Yoga is a practice of "on purpose."  

  • Arrive ~ Gather yourself, in all the ways you are, in the present moment. Give yourself the gift of your radical presence in your own body. Pay attention. On purpose.

  • Allow ~ Yoga is rooted in the breath. The inhale and the exhale mirror ebbs and flows of the natural world. The structures of your body defy gravity to create an in-breath and an out-breath that keep you alive without thinking. Allow it. On purpose.

  • Align ~ The ideal expression of each asana comes from listening to your body.  Flowing from one to the next helps you uncover your unique alignment, and in so doing, you become better at seeing and embracing your true nature. Yoga is the practice of relaxing into the yes and the no already within. On purpose.

  • Awaken ~ Yoga is the meeting point of seemingly separate things. We connect breath and movement, mind and body, effort and ease. We are reminded we, too, are an expression of connections -- To each other. To the natural world. To the past and the future. To something greater. Yoga is a practice of remembering ourselves through the lens of what we all have in common. On purpose.

And this. Is why. We practice. 

Yoga hands palms touch behind back


Elevate ~ Alleviate ~ Exhilarate

Aerial yoga back bend

Above the Mat Practice

AIReal Yoga™ uses a looped fabric, that swivels  freely on a single point taking you to a higher level. It allows you to deepen your stretch, correct your alignment, refine postures and safely perform inversions. The hammock serves as a prop you can hold on to for balance and as a spotting device. AIReal Yoga™ really is yoga; we use the hammock as a prop for yoga asanas and postures. It was designed for all levels of yoga and all styles of yoga, from gentle therapeutic to power or vinyasa flow. AIReal Yoga is equally beneficial for beginners and advanced students. AIReal Yoga™ uses the yoga teaching lineage, passing down yoga’s traditions, philosophy, and history.

Mindfulness ~ Nutrition ~ Reiki ~ Embodiment


Spinach Salad

Be a Warrior for Self-Care

In addition to being a Registered Yoga Teacher and AIReal Yoga Instructor, I'm also a Certified Health Coach, Usui Reiki Master, and Pleasure Activist. I offer mindfulness coaching, nutrition consultations, grocery store tours, distance Reiki, and guided embodiment practices. I truly believe we must care for our own health first if we are to be love and offer our gifts to the rest of the world. Ask me about a free wellness check-in session!


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