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Honoring the Mind-Body Connection

What is BeLove Joy Yoga? My name is Amanda. It comes from a Latin word meaning Beloved. I had a dream once that (Spirit/God/Whoever you want to call her) came to me and told me, "You came here to be love." The BeLove is my first name. Joy actually is my given middle name. And Yoga is my passion. Welcome to BeLove Joy Yoga. I hope you feel at home here. 

I’ve been practicing yoga since I was 11 years old. I didn't really know what I was doing at the time; I would simply retreat to my room and flow through postures when trying to deal with difficult emotions. As an adult, yoga and meditation have literally saved my life and have been an integral part of my journey with PTSD. I truly believe the body keeps the score over a lifetime, and a regular practice that involves breathwork and moving energy through the body helps us heal the "issues in our tissues." 

I have been teaching yoga since 2018. It is truly my greatest passion and a humbling honor to offer others the gift I have found on my mat. It brings me home to myself, it helps me remember who I am at my core. It shifts my perspective and helps me tune in to my own innate wisdom. It's also been a fun way to connect with community, break a sweat sometimes, flip upside down, and share in a collective consciousness. 

Off the mat, I am a rock climber, a trail runner, a sometimes poet, and proud mama to the world's most amazing girl! I love to travel and explore the outdoors and I'm a sucker for ugly socks and a good crossword puzzle.

Person being lowered on climbing rope acting silly
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